We Can Do It! Mommy Bloggers, the Perfect Marketing Voice

We Can Do It! Mommy Bloggers, the Perfect Marketing Voice

Homebuilder aims to host mothers and their families in return for valuable web content.

As we learned from the 2015 TecHome Builder Summit, women have a lot of purchasing power when it comes to home technology. That authority increases if they are mothers.

No one messes with a mom’s cubs, after all.

As it happens, mothers are powerful bloggers. Michelle Brunn, vice president of sales at Granville Homes, hopes to cash in on this essential segment of the home market.

Brunn, who attended the Tech Marketing & Sales roundtable at the Summit, is working on a plan to get moms and others blogging from one of Granville’s model homes.

“The idea came during our brainstorming session on unique ideas to market to Millennials,” she says. “Since we know testimonials are a great way of marketing, having bloggers (mommy, foodie, vacationer and so on) stay in the models and blog about their experience seems like a unique way to penetrate this market and spread the word.”

Granville Homes' Shaver model home.
Granville Homes’ Sunrock at Shaver Lake model home.

Brunn is also putting her money where her mouth is. She has reached out to several California vacation bloggers to measure their interest in staying in a model vacation home in the Sunrock at Shaver Lake community and writing about their observations on a voluntary basis. This area is known for its clean mountain air, fragrant pines and plenty of summer and winter activities.

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“We are the same distance between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe to San Francisco to Shaver Lake but are a third of the price because most people aren’t aware of the area,” says Brunn.

Of course, guidelines would have to be put in place so that the model isn’t damaged. The frequency of stays would be determined by the success of the blog posts. The model is open Saturdays and Sundays, so the blogger can reside there during the week. This could also be a good opportunity for the builder to get to know the blogger, and for the blogger to learn more about Granville Homes. Who knows—maybe this experience will turn the blogger into a potential client.

“They could stay there and we could treat them to dinner at some local spots and talk about the areas and our vacation homes,” Brunn says.

Granville Homes' Shaver model home kitchen and living room.
Granville Homes’ Shaver model home kitchen and living room.

During their “vacation,” the blogger would get to know the ins and outs of a Granville Home and play with the technologies within, such as the Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, garage door opener, front-door locks, alarm system, surveillance camera and app-controlled lighting. Granville Homes is also looking to include a product that detects water leaks.

“We have a great tech package included for people who want to check on their cabin from afar,” says Brunn.

From there the blogger writes about his or her adventures in the area and the available home features, and Granville Homes will host the blog post on its site. The hope is that the first-person account will attract potential clients.

“This target market would likely be geared more towards Boomers or Millennials who have seen early success and are in the market for a second home,” says Brunn.

She hopes that this idea will take off so that she can expand this type of marketing to other Granville Home communities that cater to this market.

“For the younger buyer we also have a community that has miles of trails, a golf course, tennis courts, an Olympic-size pool, workout facility and

Granville Homes' Shaver model home bedroom.
Granville Homes’ Shaver model home bedroom.

restaurant. If we could find some local mommy, foodie or fitness bloggers then we could do the same type of offering.”

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We smell big opportunities here. While having bloggers stay in a model home is innovative, imagine having potential clients test-drive a home for a week.

It’s another page homebuilders can rip out of the automotive marketing handbook.

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