What Are Today’s Infrastructure Needs?

What Are Today’s Infrastructure Needs?

With today’s rapidly evolving wireless technologies and broadband services, we’re facing another boom in home technology infrastructure.

During the go-go years in the 2000s, cable and telco companies, in-premises technology makers, builders and developers worked collaboratively to achieve a clear consensus on overall platforms to make communities more technology ready.

Most prominently, builders and developers embraced the Telcommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) 570A standard for residential wiring infrastructure—and this kicked off a boom in structured wiring in new homes to enable better high-definition video and high-speed Internet access. Homes were future-proofed, and homeowners, builders, service and technology providers all benefited.

Since the onset of the Great Recession, however, little has been done to refresh the standards or re-energize the conversation about enabling technology in the home to match fast evolving consumer preferences and services from telcos, cable companies and even power providers.

That’s why it’s so exciting to see the topic scheduled for the very top of the program at the inaugural TecHome Builder Summit, March 4 to 6, 2014, in Austin, TX.

Celebration Associates’ Amy Westwood, an experienced community technology planner and veteran of the 2000s standard-setting discussions, takes the lid off the issue to look at the impacts of wireless and broaden the discussion to the increasingly complex area of electrical infrastructure.

The Summit hosts technology decision makers from leading homebuilders for 2½ days of high-level sessions on home technology planning, marketing, sales, design and production—as well as best practices sharing and high-quality interactions with leading vendors in the space.

For more information about applying to be a VIP invited guest of the Summit (which includes complimentary airfare, hotel accommodations, food and beverage and more), contact the event’s guest specialist, Katie Westerduin at kwesterduin@ae-ventures.com or 508-618-7856.


For more information on sponsoring the event, which guarantees one-on-meetings with decision makers from the top building companies in the nation, contact Jasmine Leitzel at jasmine@ae-ventures.com or 508-618-8329.

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