Wi-Fi Camera, Voice Control Added to Comcast Smart Home Platform

Wi-Fi Camera, Voice Control Added to Comcast Smart Home Platform

In an attempt to seize the growing smart home market, Comcast unveils a series of new features for its home security and automation platform, Xfinity Home: voice control and a Wi-Fi-enabled HD camera.

The company is redesigning its own core smart home devices and continuing to integrate third part products from leading manufacturers such as August Home, Chamberlain, Lutron and Nest.

“We want to give consumers the best of home automation and security in one, easy-to-use experience,” says Daniel Herscovici, senior vice president and general manager of Xfinity Home, in a press release.

A major highlight of Comcast’s new offerings is its security camera, called the xCam. It features a weather-resistant seal, 109-degree field of view, high definition video and infrared night vision. The Wi-Fi signal is routed through the power source as opposed to the camera, which improves the range of connection for the device as well as users’ flexibility of where to place it in the home.

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For security, customers can add 24/7 video recording and review footage that lasts up to 10 days, as well as the option to view live video feeds from anywhere. Combined with Xfinity Home, the xCam can use “rules” to trigger other smart home devices, such as the camera capturing video whenever a specific door sensor is activated. The xCam also feature motion-based recording.

Comcast also added voice control to its smart home platform. The company has been dabbling with this technology in its cable packages and has now moved on to integrating into the smart home platform as well.

Additionally, in an exciting deal, Comcast will also begin to incorporate Netflix streaming into its X1 platform, combining the elements of automation, security and entertainment all in a singular place.

Will these moves make an impact on the smart home industry, proving Comcast to be a major player? Or will this prove to be another DIY offering that goes sour? We want to hear from you in the comments section below.

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