Can Windows 10 Compete in the Smart Home Arena?

Can Windows 10 Compete in the Smart Home Arena?

Big names like Siri and Alexa are about to be joined by a new name, Cortana, as Microsoft makes moves to join the growing smart home industry.

But, can it catch up to and keep up with these major players at such a late stage in the game?

Microsoft wants to put its Windows 10 platform at the center of smart homes, according to a release from IDG News Service. The company’s endgame would allow for the Windows 10 users to control lights, doors and more using the Cortana voice assistant–a similar method to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, the two major names in this TecHome space.

Microsoft’s aspirations took shape in a recent agreement between two standards organizations, the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and the Thread Group. These two bodies will work together on improving interoperability between smart home and IoT devices.

This move would allow devices running Windows 10 to connect with most smart home products and program home automation tasks.

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It could also set a precedent for more IoT-standards groups to work together to find solutions to make device communication easier, since multiple IoT standards hinder the effectiveness and potential of interoperability.

The alliance will certainly benefit smart home consumers, and likely builders as well, allowing them more options when pursuing interoperability options in the TecHome.

For example, the partnership between OCF and Thread Group will help Windows 10 devices naturally support and communicate with products from major smart home companies like Nest Labs, an Alphabet company.

However, with Alexa and Siri making waves in this industry for over a year now, is it too late for Microsoft to have any sort of real impact?

For this, we will have to wait and see. But either way, Microsoft wants in. It’s just a matter of whether the industry will let it.

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