Wired vs. Wireless: Who’s the Turkey?

Wired vs. Wireless: Who’s the Turkey?

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Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone.

In honor of a holiday when you may have a houseful of people, many of whom are secretly checking their smartphones or openly perusing their tablet computers, we invite you to occasionally check on your overloaded wireless network—right after you check the turkey.

We’re big fans of wireless technologies. Who doesn’t love Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity of computers, smartphones, tablets, even Netflix streaming? Then there’s Bluetooth for short-range connections to play music or podcasts from a smartphone, for example.

There are also wireless Z-Wave and ZigBee technologies that make connecting devices like thermostats, lighting control modules and digital door locks possible.

Who doesn’t love Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity of computers, smartphones, tablets, even Netflix streaming?


Wireless technologies are revolutionizing the home, partly because they are making easy and affordable home control and remote connectivity possible. This may well be the biggest driver of home technology we are going to see in quite a while. Wireless technologies are also making a slew of products and services available to help homebuyers manage their lives and to help homebuilders sell smart homes to do that.


So what kind of a turkey—yes, that was a blatant holiday reference—needs a wired network like structured wiring as well?

We’ve addressed this issue since we relaunched TecHome Builder in September, and it’s continually asked.

Wireless networks are great for making control and automation more accessible for homeowners. But they are not as fast as wired networks, they’re susceptible to inference and slowdowns as different people throughout the house or area hop on the network, and they may not have the capacity to stream high-definition video formats and advanced resolutions like 4K (Ultra HD) that are becoming available.


Besides, when the walls are open and you have an opportunity to wire critical areas of the house with Category Ethernet cabling and RG-6 video cables, do it. Wire the heck out of it, because a wireless network may not provide the all the tech needs of today’s homeowners. TecHome Builder recommends structured wiring to key areas of a home to provide networking and audio/video, as well as a robust wireless network with smooth connectivity throughout.

If you don’t equip a house with a strong wired network that can work in conjunction with wireless … then you’re the turkey—or your homebuyer will be.

Below is a good video from On-Q by Legrand that may resolve your wired vs. wireless dilemma. As for the bird: wait at least 15 minutes before carving.

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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