A Wonderful Year for Film-Inspired Bedford Falls Community 

A Wonderful Year for Film-Inspired Bedford Falls Community 

Inspired by the classic Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a community in Henrico County, Va. has been experiencing an equally wonderful year of business and growth. 

The affectionately-named “Bedford Falls” community was inspired not just by the beloved 1946 movie but also by builder Robert Atack, who passed away in 2014.

Atack was quite fond of the holiday classic and had always wanted to create a residential project named after Bedford Falls, the town in the film where an angel shows hapless George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) what the town would look like had he never been born.

TecHome Builder covered the launch of this community as it broke ground just before Christmas of last year. Now, we catch up with Cory Atack—Robert’s son and president of Richard Atack Construction—regarding the landmark year the community has experienced since its debut.

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“We have been very blessed,” says Atack. “We exceeded our goals. Sales have been strong. We have four families living in the community, now, and we have closings set up regularly through to the end of the year.”

A glimpse inside a Bedford Falls home.
A glimpse inside a Bedford Falls home.

Customers Embrace Technology Standard

Residents can feel secure in their bedroom with standard Alarm.com security tech.
Residents can feel secure in their bedrooms with standard Alarm.com security tech.

A major part of Bedford Falls’ appeal was Atack’s partnership with integration firm Livewire. Atack and Henry Clifford, founder and president of Livewire, joined forces to implement Alarm.com security features and structured cabling as standard in all of the community’s townhomes.

The Alarm.com package includes 100 percent perimeter door coverage, motion detectors and keypads, as well as a smart thermostat. As a bonus, this standard technology includes a free three-year subscription to all of the services.

“This is Henry’s baby. He designed this idea when we came to him originally, and I know that the customers living here have really appreciated the incentives Henry put together,” says Atack, who adds that the real estate agents involved with Bedford Falls were also very impressed with the package being offered.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

With such a successful year in the pipe, Atack notes that the second phase has already been initiated and approved by the county. Another 38 units will soon be added to the community.

“We are going to break ground as soon as the weather gets better,” says Atack.

Looking back on this past year and ahead to the future, Atack is humbled by how well the plans his father left for the company have gone.

“My dad would be really proud at the quality of the community and how everything is coming together,” says Atack.

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