The “Wow” Factor of Women-Focused Building

The “Wow” Factor of Women-Focused Building

What do women want? It’s the age-old question not many men (or builders for that matter) know how to answer.

We do know women make or influence 91 percent of the purchasing decisions for the home. That’s a pretty large chunk, so marketing to them should be a top priority.

And more and more builders are starting to pander to what women want—quality construction, a safe neighborhood, sex appeal (smart home technology), organization and more.

We’ve already introduced you to women-centric building professional Hugh Fisher, who’s found success using the women-centric model at his company h.a. Fisher Homes.

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Now, let’s talk about how you can implement the same types of qualities to entice women to buy your new homes versus the not-so-sexy old homes out there.

During a recent presentation at the Southeast Building conference, Tammie Smoot of NAHB Professional Women in Building and BDX laid out what women look for in the home buying process.

Marketing to Women

Shea Homes Mom
Shea Homes markets to moms.

1. Make an Emotional Connection

Use images that move her emotionally such as this one from Shea Homes.

2. Engage Her with a Story

Create a website that lets her feel like she’s getting to know you and your company and use phrases that speak to her, such as “build a better life.”

3. Focus On Quality Presentation

Utilize high-res images and quality video to market your homes. Leaving boring sketches or blank spaces on your site will surely urge her to look elsewhere.

4. Create Interactive Floor Plans

Allow her to customize and personalize, drag and drop furniture, etc. 

5. Display Short Videos

Women love to see a three-dimensional look at what your new home has to offer, whether it’s home automation, smart irrigation, energy efficiencies, etc.

6. Use Social Media

According to Smoot’s research, 84 percent of social media sites have more women users than men. And most of them are looking for opinions on brands and experiences.

7. Sell Tech with Tech

Think about how your site appears on mobile devices. Most women won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile shield radiant heat barrier

8. Tout Green Technologies

Fifty percent of women say they want more green choices—solar panel, solar shingles, energy consumption monitors. She cares about the health of her family and the planet where they live.

 9. Show How It Works

Homebuyers usually can’t see the technology once a home is finished, so show them what it looks like using pictures and graphics.

10. Give to Get

Women love deals and coupons! Smoot suggests offering a maid service for a year, spa days or tickets to kids’ events to homebuyers.

Finally, remember the “slow dance.” This is Smoot’s analogy for showing her you are the best—take the lead, give her space, build rapport, understand her rhythm, take care of her, be confident, thank her and ask for another dance.

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Andrea Medeiros is editor-in-chief, multimedia director and content developer at TecHome Builder. She is a former TV news reporter turned home technology guru and is using her broadcast journalism skills to help our team deliver complicated, tech-focused content in a conversational way. She has a decade of experience in the editorial realm—interviewing, writing and editing stories as well as shooting, editing and producing video content. She is most interested in covering interoperability among smart devices.

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  1. Kim Ross

    I was in complete agreement until the last paragraph, which quotes Smoot’s “slow dance” analogy. Women today do not need to have someone else “take the lead” in their decision making. They make educated, self-actualized choices to benefit themselves and their families, either in partnership with their mates or on their very own. My experience has been that a patronizing marketing message won’t get you that dance.


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