Wrestler Uses Home Tech to Conquer New Dream

Wrestler Uses Home Tech to Conquer New Dream


This builder and integrator team faced a unique challenge on this build—how to design a functioning workout and entertainment space with full automation.

Integrator Nathan Miller of Commercial Sound and Video faced the obstacle of using residential tech to create a fully automated space that would meet the needs of yoga staff and participants.

Former heavyweight wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page launched the studio, DDP Yoga, after he became injured during a match. His goal is to educate and help others with the fitness program.

“For this audio and visual installation, the lighting and sound control were the two primary elements we focused on,” says Miller. 

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The yoga program originally started in Page’s home before moving to a new studio in downtown Georgia that would feature automation and lighting control.

Core Brands’ connected devices and Furman tech were chosen to bring the new studio to life.


[tps_title] Initial Integration [/tps_title]

The DDP program moved to this Georgia studio for more space.
The DDP program moved to this Georgia studio for more space.

The New Studio

DDP Yoga began in Page’s home, but as the program began to grow, so did the need for extra space.

During off times, the space will be rented out to other production companies, so any tech had to be simple to operate. 

The idea of ease-of-use is something all builders and integrators should strive for, as it can help clients maneuver their new tech set-up.

This new space uses a mix of audio and video systems that make this new performance system run smoothly regardless of who is operating it.

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