Zigbee Alliance to Debut Universal IoT Language at CES 2017

Zigbee Alliance to Debut Universal IoT Language at CES 2017

The zigbee alliance announced Tuesday that it will be unveiling a new “universal language” for the Internet of Things at CES 2017 this week.

The solution, called “dotdot,” aims to make it possible for smart objects to work together on any network. At CES, members of the zigbee alliance will showcase the first demonstrations of dotdot devices in partnership with Thread Group, using the latter’s IP-based networks to run the devices.

“Dotdot represents the next chapter in the zigbee alliance’s continued commitment to create and evolve open standards for the smart networks in our homes, businesses and neighborhoods,” says Tobin Richardson, zigbee alliance President and CEO.

In a press release, Richardson cites this universal language as being able to unite the entire industry, making it “available to everyone, everywhere, across their network of choice.”

Interoperability issues are a major hot topic in the TecHome industry. As more and more devices flood the market, builders and integrators need to ensure that all of the individual devices they include within in their homes ultimately work together as one cohesive platform.

This is tricky, however, if IoT devices aren’t speaking the same language. This leads to complex issues in the cloud, which can cause unwanted difficulties for developers and headaches for builders, integrators and buyers who may not want to limit themselves to a single-vendor system.

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Other companies, such as the Z-wave Alliance, are addressing these interoperability challenges with new protocols, but dotdot differentiates itself through zigbee’s 400-plus strong global membership and a diverse supply chain.

If anything, this creates yet another option for builders and integrators to pursue to avoid interoperability annoyances in their projects.

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