Builder Base Surround Sound solutions

Builder Base Surround Sound solutions


100% of new home buyers will have a flat panel TV.  Flat panel TVs produce vibrant, colorful, images that allow the viewer to enjoy their favorite movie or sports team in action in the comfort of their home.  The audio quality of a flat panel TV that is less than 2” thick is very poor at best.  Flat panel TV owners will purchase a Surround Sound system or a sound bar to enhance the audio quality to match the video quality.  Surround Sound for the home is an $845 million category.

Polk Audio has created “builder specific” surround sound speaker packages that allow the builder to capture a portion of this category.  By including a Surround Sound speaker package in the build of the home the builder will: 1). Capture an additional stream of revenue, 2). Create a higher perceived home value 3). Set their home apart from the competition.

The Polk Audio Base Surround Sound Package includes: 5 in-ceiling speakers and a subwoofer. By including this speaker package in the build of the home the homeowner can connect any brand flat panel TV and any brand surround sound receiver.

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