Builder Base Wi-Fi Whole Home Audio solutions

Builder Base Wi-Fi Whole Home Audio solutions


Over 70% of the adult population listens to Wi-Fi streaming music.  Services such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio or Sirius/XM allow subscribers access to millions of songs for free or less than $10 a month.  Majority of that population listens to streaming music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.  Although these devices do a lot of things they are not true audio systems.  The audio quality is very poor at best.  “Music Lovers” is a $245 million category.

Polk Audio has created “builder specific” Wi-Fi whole home audio packages that allow the builder to capture a portion of this category.  By including a Wi-Fi whole home speaker package in the build of the home the builder will: 1). Capture an additional stream of revenue, 2). Create a higher perceived home value 3). Set their home apart from the competition.

The Polk Audio Base Wi-Fi Whole Home Audio Package includes: 2 pair of in-ceiling speakers and 2 Wi-Fi amplifiers for 2 areas of music (Example: Kitchen & Master).  By including this speaker/amplifier package in the build of the home the homeowner can listen to streaming music throughout the home; controlled by their smartphone.

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