Controlled Light Switches and Bulbs

Controlled Light Switches and Bulbs


Amaze prospective homeowners with a home that will make them masters of lighting, whether they are sitting on the couch or miles away enjoying a family vacation. Nexia-controlled lighting switches and bulbs can be installed with the same ease as the traditional versions but have the added benefit of linking to the Nexia system through the mobile app or web portal.

Simple automations offer your buyers ultimate control. For example, homeowners can always return to an illuminated home. The most difficult decision will be when Nexia should turn the lights on. A mile from the front door? At sunset? At 6 p.m.? Or maybe it happens with the push of a button or a voice command to the Nexia mobile app.

Nexia connects hundreds of smart devices from different manufacturers in its simple all-in-one app. By connecting devices together, Nexia lets users control all of their devices at once and also gives them the power to completely automate their home.

To build a smart home, you need more than smart devices, you need a Nexia smart home system.

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