GoRave – a No-Risk, No-Cost Audio Offer that 50% of Customers Will Purchase


Consumers spent $9.8B on audio systems last year1. Is your company getting its share?

Evidence shows that if a production home builder does not offer audio, home buyers will purchase it from retail after they move into the home.

GoRave can change that with a no-risk, no-cost program that removes the sales barriers for builders so they can get 50% of their home buyers purchasing audio from them instead of from retail.

No change to the base cost of the home

  • The GoRave rough-in hardware is purchased and installed by the installing contractor, who is then reimbursed through GoRave’s rebate system.

No change to the way homes are built

  • GoRave® is designed to be installed by the audio or electrical contractor. Nothing changes for the builder because their contractor is already working in every one of the homes.

No change to the way the builder sells the home

  • GoRave is roughed into every house, so the sales team can offer installed sound, much like they would offer granite and hardwood, rather than selling the product.


GoRave provides wireless sound throughout the home, beyond the limits of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products.

Calculate your GoRave audio profits at gorave.com/introduction-builder.


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