Interlogix Flood/Freeze Sensor

Interlogix Flood/Freeze Sensor


The Flood/Freeze sensor from Interlogix and Ecolink is an elegantly designed wireless device that detects water and/or low temperatures in high risk areas such as under sinks, near toilets, hot water heaters, sump pumps and in basements. The Flood/Freeze sensor detects water at as little as 1/64and when temperatures reach 41°F to alert property owners early on if there is a problem that requires attention. Early detection of the presence of water and/or dropping temperatures gives end users more time to take action before it’s too late, and minimize the costs associated with water damaged interiors and frozen/burst pipes. Water and freeze detection is a critical capability that is often times overlooked by property owners. Be alerted to the presence of water and dropping temperatures with the Flood/Freeze sensor from Interlogix and Ecolink.

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