Nexia Helps You Monitor for the Unexpected—From Near or Far

Nexia Helps You Monitor for the Unexpected—From Near or Far


Traveling for a vacation or a business trip means planning ahead to manage daily chores like caring for pets, watering plants and getting the mail. But who can plan for the unexpected?

Water leaks, fires and sudden weather changes can strike at any time. With some advance preparation, it’s possible to monitor the home for some of these common, unforeseen incidents. Using the power of Nexia, the home can alert its owner to problems so action can be taken sooner rather than later.

Consider trading the traditional smoke detector, which relies upon for a shrill sound to warn a home’s occupants of possible danger, for a smarter alternative. A Nexia connected version sends not only audible alerts but also mobile alerts so its residents can stay in the know from anywhere.

Adding Nexia-connected water sensors in leak-prone areas can detect standing water from a failing water heater, washing machine issues and other similar possibilities. Pair the sensor with an electrically operated water valve, and the flow can be stopped or increased – depending upon need – from the Nexia app or web portal.

These are just a few examples of how Nexia leverages smart devices to keep traveling homeowners informed and prepared for the unexpected. Learn more at

To build a smart home, you need more than smart devices, you need a Nexia smart home system.

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