Polk Audio Builder Omni family of Product Solutions

Polk Audio Builder Omni family of Product Solutions


The audio quality of a flat panel TV that is less than 2” thick is very poor at best.  Flat panel TV owners will purchase a Surround Sound system or a sound bar to enhance the audio quality to match the video quality.

Majority of the adult population listens to streaming music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.  Although these devices do a lot of things they are not true audio systems.  The audio quality is very poor at best.

Polk Audio has created “builder specific” sound bar & Wi-Fi standalone speaker packages.  By including these sound bar & speaker packages in the build of the home the builder will: 1). Capture an additional stream of revenue, 2). Create a higher perceived home value 3). Set their home apart from the competition.

The Polk Audio Omni family of products range from standalone sound bar that will enhance flat panel audio quality to standalone speakers. All Omni products allow Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity for listening to streaming music. By including these products in the build of the home the homeowner can connect any brand flat panel TV and listen to music throughout the home; controlled by their smartphone.

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