UltraSync Self-contained Hub

UltraSync Self-contained Hub

The award winning UltraSync Self-contained Hub from Interlogix® introduces a new era of simplicity, speed and connectivity for homebuilders who want to offer modern technology to home buyers, at an affordable price point.

UltraSync offers an integrated voice-guided LED keypad and expands to one of the most feature rich panels available using the accompanying award winning UltraSync mobile app for iOS and Android.

The UltraSync Self-contained Hub is internet ready, capable of being connected over Ethernet or Wi-Fi® and has a Z-Wave® radio that allows for control of lights, thermostats, door locks, garage door controllers and several other smart home devices.

A plug-in cellular module is available for quick installation and future field upgradeability. The UltraSync ecosystem also contains a secondary 7” touch screen that’s slim and sleek and looks great mounted on a wall or sitting on a desk.

The UltraSync 7” TouchScreen interface mimics the UltraSync mobile app so that homeowners can quickly and easily learn how to manage their UltraSync SmartHome experience.  UltraSync enables an incredible Secure SmartHome experience.

For more information: http://www.interlogix.com/intrusion/product/ultrasync-selfcontained-hub

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