Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror

Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror



Reimagine your mornings with a Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror. Magically transform your bathroom mirror into a stunning TV that every member of your family can enjoy.

With seamlessly integrated television technology, Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors elegantly introduces the television into the bathroom. Séura TV Mirrors preserve the integrity of a home’s décor so you don’t have to settle for a traditional television that takes up space or unattractively mounts to a wall.

In a bathroom, the mirror provides a vital function for make-up and grooming. Quality in brightness and reflection is essential. Séura Vanity Glass is designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television placed within the mirror to completely disappear. Séura delivers a proprietary glass coating that mimics silvered mirror combined with vivid television quality. When on, Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors deliver high-performance television technology. When off, the television completely disappears without a hint of its technical applications. Design your own Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror with custom options including size, shape, and frame. Even add a digital clock or lighting to your vanity mirror with beautiful etching designs from Séura.

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