48 Things You Can Accomplish by Attending TecHome Builder Louisville

It's the final count down...



Oops! Sorry for the hair band moment but we are that excited for the final countdown to see you all in-person at TecHome Builder Summit Louisville!

So much has changed in the past year with your customer's home tech needs–you can't afford to get left behind in this market. What can you get done in 48 hours? A lot!

Here are 48 things you can accomplish by attending TecHome Builder Louisville


  1. Make health, wellness and feel-good tech happen
  2. Get energy gen & storage right
  3. Learn how to sell the smart, connected kitchen experience
  4. Find tech that helps you win vs used
  5. Leverage AV as a service in multifamily to change Capex to Opex
  6. Establish your tech quality control & assurance protocol
  7. Learn how to use tech as competitive weapon vs knuckle-dragger builders
  8. Up your AV play – invisible, immersive, essential
  9. Update your tech standards and upgrade paths
  10. Implement IAQ tech in multifamily to make your properties healthy
  11. Discover 5-senses lux tech
  12. Learn how to design tech + nature wows
  13. Build out your outdoor tech plays
  14. Get your tech “out of the box” experience right
  15. Get residents to use multifamily community connectivity apps
  16. Plan your new in-unit and shared space AV difference makers
  17. Discover tech-driven insurance savings for multifamily properties
  18. Optimize your multifamily tech customer experience
  19. Find clever tech like hose bibs!
  20. Establish your work-from-home good, better, best
  21. Start offering human-centric lighting to help owners feel good
  22. Make green tech lux
  23. Next gen your smart home security offers
  24. Make water in your homes pure, smart and uber cool
  25. Find the right tech subcontractors and 3PL partners for your high-volume building business
  26. Discover multipurpose tech products – light + sound + UI
  27. Cybersecure your TecHomes
  28. Establish your criteria for selecting smart apartment platforms
  29. Get beyond 62.2 and start marketing and selling IAQ as a differentiator
  30. Work out tech burden sharing with non-competitive peer companies
  31. Catch up with LED Innovations
  32. Find LUX integrators that are a match for LUX builders
  33. Transform light switches to control centers
  34. Find tech for energy & opex savings in multifamily
  35. Discover tech that’s purpose-built for builders
  36. Leverage wholesale connectivity partnerships for robust recurring revenue
  37. Update your infrastructure specs—wired, wireless, power
  38. Find revenue-sharing opportunities with tech
  39. Start to understand the emerging electrical tech ecosystem
  40. Refresh your connected thermostat evaluations
  41. Pick video doorbells and surveillance system winners
  42. Explore geothermal heating options
  43. Figure out whether fan tech makes sense for your homes
  44. Get your pipes teched-up right
  45. Discover simple systems that sell
  46. Ventilate right for homes built tight
  47. Find affordable tech
  48. Identify tech for every price point, every buyer


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