Achieving Healthy Indoor Air

"Build tight and ventilate" has been touted as the best practice for for energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality for over a decade, but how much ventilation is needed to ensure a healthy environment? Join Brian Rayski of One World Consulting and Taz Khalil of Broan-NuTone as we talk about how monitoring and ventilating can help builders keep ahead of codes and ensure their homebuyers breathe easy in their healthy home.

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Healthy Home Standards & Upgrade Paths - HiVol Track
Demand for healthy home tech features is rising fast and many high-volume builders are looking to establish standard offers and popular upgrade paths. In this session, we review the key components of healthy homes ranging from air and water quality to lighting, temperature and humidity and propose three great standard-plus-options strategies you can use to lift overall demand for your homes and get the buyers the package of benefits they are looking for.

Health and wellness are powerful forces into today’s new homes, but it’s a different game for the lux market. What should you be offering your clients as standard and upgrades to assure them they are getting a cut above the mainstream market and how do you do it all with style—make it look great, feel great and not disrupt your clients’ Epicurean lifestyle aspirations? This is the session that will show you the way on products, positioning and leveraging health wellness to win more and better buyers!

State of the Art Health & Wellness in Multifamily Homes-Multifamily Track

Buyers and renters are looking for homes that support their health and sense of personal well-being. Can you give the people what they want? We look at the options to consider for both new condo and rental property development and rental property retrofit. As important we’ll look at the ways you can use health and wellness tech features to differentiate your properties and justify higher prices and rates.

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Building the Healthy Home- Webcast

Why do Healthy Homes matter? A healthy home promotes total wellness of the occupant from better physical and mental health to better sleep and productivity. We talk to founders of the Healthy Home Alliance, a non-profit organization that seeks to to promote the Healthy Home movement through education and events that will help facilitate the...

The Healthy Home Imperitive-Webcast

Healthy home tech was gathering momentum before the pandemic, so you can imagine how much power is behind the trend in the midst of a public health emergency. In this session, we will provide you with a framework and definitions for health homes, a look at the products and applications that fall beneath the healthy...

Webcast- Healthy Home Tech

Health and wellness technologies in new homes are rising in demand for obvious reasons. In this session, we’ll address air quality, water quality, anti-microbial tech and how lighting and environmental technologies contribute to wellness. We’ll also focus on practical packages that builders can consider in tech assortments for multiple markets. Hot topic. Great presenters.  

#1 Builder Technology Resource

Technology is transforming homebuilding, making new homes smarter, safer, more connected, greener, healthier, more productive and more entertaining and improving the way new homes are marketed, sold, designed, constructed and cared-for. As builders lean forward into tech, TecHome Builder steps up as the #1 builder technology resource, helping all kinds of builders and multifamily property operators get a handle on the fast-moving challenges and opportunities of tech and quickly take the actions required to turn tech into a strategic advantage.