AE Ventures Expands TecHome Builder Summit to Semi-Annual Frequency, Adds Segments

Spring and Fall editions of #1 builder technology event will now host sales, marketing, design and production technology solution decision makers.

Builders all over the country are embracing technology like never before, incorporating an increasingly broad and deep assortment of technologies into their homes and adopting powerful new technology solutions to market, sell, design and produce homes with greater efficiency and quality. In response, the TecHome Builder Summit is increasing its frequency to twice per year and expanding its scope beyond home technologies to provide a destination where builders can learn how to leverage technology not only to increase the appeal and performance of their homes but also to dramatically improve their business operations.

In 2020, TecHome Builder Summit Spring will take place May 4-6 in Orlando, Fla.

Sponsor categories for the new Solutions segment include:

Marketing & Sales Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Digital Marketing & Website Systems
  • Home Listings Tools
  • Interactive Floorplans
  • Options Presentation & Selection Tools
  • Live Contact Tools
  • Rating Systems
  • Surveys
  • Sales Center Automation
  • Virtual Tour Systems
  • Warranty and Customer Care Software

Prefabricated & Modular Building Components & Systems

  • Precast Concrete
  • Precut Framing
  • Turnkey Framing
  • Modular Floor Panels
  • Open Wall Panels
  • Closed Wall Panels
  • Roof Trusses

Production Solutions

  • Design Software
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Plan Sets & Blueprint Generating Tools
  • 3D Design & Modeling Tools
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Estimating & Purchasing Systems
  • Bid Processing Systems
  • Job Costing Systems
  • Digitizers & Virtual Take-off Systems
  • Ordering & Purchasing Systems
  • Rebate Administration Systems
  • Production & Project Management Systems
  • Scheduling & Collaboration Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Jobsite Robotics & Drones

Hosted guests for the Solutions segment will be business leaders from enterprise-level, high-volume homebuilding companies, with job titles such as VP or Director of Marketing, Design, Design Center, Sales, Production, Operations or Construction. The 2019 Summit will host 50 guests focused on digital marketing, sales enablement and customer care solutions and the 2020 event will host additional guests focused on design and production technologies. Each segment will have its own track of general session content and line-up of boardroom presentations to maximize value for guests and sponsors.

The addition of the Solutions segment marks a “Back to the Future” moment for TecHome Builder which AE Ventures president John Galante launched in 2001 as a print publication focused on both home tech and builder tech solutions.

“We’re very excited to be adding the Solutions elements to the TecHome Builder Summit,” said Galante. “It’s clear that the high-volume builders who are aggressively adding to their home tech assortments are also leaning forward into tech for the operation of their companies and construction. We’ll now be able to serve those tech-forward builders comprehensively at the Summit.”

“Adding a second TecHome Builder Summit makes great sense for a builder market that’s now playing catch-up in the fast-moving tech area,” said AE Ventures EVP Nancy Franco. “It provides tech-forward top builders more choice on timing and location for their visit, and, of course, it offers manufacturers and solution and service providers more opportunities to engage with powerful, energized tech decision makers.”

For more info on sponsoring or attending, contact Nancy Franco at [email protected] or 508-618-4225.

About TecHome Builder Summit

The TecHome Builder Summit is a hosted-style event that drives extraordinary progress on home technology for the nation’s biggest and most progressive high-volume, multifamily and luxury builders. The 2019 Summit will host 300+ business leaders to work on expanding and refining their tech plays and identifying the vendors and other trade resources they’ll need to succeed in a rapidly growing market. Aggregate annual revenues greater than $70 billion and more than 250,000 housing units built annually are projected for 2019 guests.

About AE Ventures

Founded in 2008, AE Ventures’ mission is to drive extraordinary progress through next-generation hosted style events at the intersection of technology and construction. Armed with detailed business intelligence in advance, sponsoring companies get scheduled, guaranteed engagements with VIP prospects in a strategic setting. Guests, whose travel and other attendance costs are covered, use the refreshing, executive experience of the events to collect best practices and build advisory networks with industry leader peers, trade allies and top vendors.