Change is the only Constant

On lucky 7/7 we announced the postponement of our TecHome Builder Summit Spring (originally scheduled for May 2020 in Orlando, then rescheduled for August 2020, then relocated to Kansas City) to May 4-6, 2021 in Louisville.

We have been simultaneously monitoring the waxing and waning of COVID across the nation, gathering information on preventative measures and calculating risk to try to find a way to produce the event at a moment in the market where builders can benefit greatly by upping their tech play. That’s tech in the homes they build and tech applied to the business and especially sales and marketing.

It was not to be in the first half of 2020, though we remain hopeful the virus can be brought sufficiently under control in time for our Fall 2020 event scheduled for Dec. 1-3.

As we’ve “worked the problem,” as Gene Kranz framed the issue of returning Apollo 13 to Earth after an oxygen tank explosion, the past several months, we’ve been accused of all sorts of nefarious motives for trying to move forward. We’ve even been accused of being desperate.

To that, we plead guilty. Not guilty of desperation to keep our business afloat as some might think. (We’re in good shape as a business to weather the storm and have a small, tight crew that has stuck together and adapted without a ton of angst.) But we are guilty of being desperate to produce an event that would drive extraordinary progress on tech for builders and multifamily companies at a time when demand is surging. So now we turn our full attention to the production of our first TecHome Builder Online Summit, scheduled for Sep. 29-30, 2020. With no in-person event to consume our attention between now and our airing dates, we are focused on producing the best online event we can. And we’re upping our audience goals, expanding our reach to international audiences, and laying the groundwork for break-through-the-screen content that informs and inspires action.

And in the meantime, we’ve launched an initiative called the COVID Risk Navigator. This joint venture with two leaders is risk assessment, Intelligent Management Trends and Risk Analysis Services, is a by-product of our efforts to understand and assign metrics to the COVID related risks for our event, but has broader application to any business or individual trying to put a number on the risk they’d face for activity at a given time and place. Look for a 1.0 version of our risk calculator to launch alongside a geographic data array of active case projections based on MIT’s COVID Analytics project by end of July.

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Change is indeed the only constant, and it’s fast-paced indeed in these tumultuous times. We’ll keep you updated on our evolving thesis and action plans and hope to stay in touch with yours.


John Galante
AE Ventures

Nancy Franco
Executive Vice President
AE Ventures