Cop Out!

I read a recent Professional Builder editorial that encouraged builders to make a minimalist play in the home – strictly quality WiFi with a couple of WAPs. What a cop out. It’s a slightly updated edition of the structured-wiring-only play so many builders were making in the go-go construction market of the mid-2000s. Reality is consumer awareness of and interest in home tech is crossing the chasm and products like video doorbells, surveillance systems, keyless locks, communicating thermostats and automated lighting control for exteriors and entryways are desired by a clear majority of homebuyers and expected from the builder. Tech-forward builders are looking beyond these products to things like smart connected kitchen appliances in a couple of years (TecHome Builder Product Pulse Survey).

I want to encourage builders to reject the advice of Pro Builder. If you cop-out, you’ll miss out, and you will lose business to the builders who are surging.

We can help with research, guides and our TecHome Builder Summits which will put you on the path to a robust tech strategy, strong vendor and trade partner relationships and a way to operationalize tech.

Go get yours!