Bosch and Philips Enter Partnership for Full Home Control

Bosch and Philips Enter Partnership for Full Home Control

Connected lighting and smart HVAC systems will soon be able to integrate together.

According to the press release, Bosch has partnered with Philip’s “Friends of Hue” program. This new partnership will allow integration between Philips lighting and Bosch HVAC systems.

Builders and integrators will be able to create scenes to help both systems work together. For example, the lights can dim when the heat kicks on to create a more comforting experience for your clients.

This new partnership is centered on security as well as convenience.

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IAQ and lighting can now come together.
IAQ and lighting can now come together through one application.

If your clients are away from home longer than expected, the Bosch smart home system can now recognize this and activate the lights to simulate a house full of people. 

Smart lighting is an easy starting point for builders when installing connected devices due to the lower price point and ease-of-integration. This new partnership makes it even more appealing.

Philips Hue currently works with over 450 third-party apps, making Bosh and Philips an appealing choice for the high-level of home control and bonus content.

This new partnership also demonstrates that as the smart home market continues to grow, more big names will enter agreements to simplify integrations across product lines.

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