3 Affordable Options for Connected Detection

3 Affordable Options for Connected Detection



There is certain technology that should always come standard in the home. Imagine your clients being sold on a home without lights or outlets or kitchen connections or even worse … smoke detectors.

If it seems inconceivable, that’s because it is, as these are expected standards of the TecHome. Smoke detectors, especially, should always be included in the home, as they protect your clients and the home itself. Ideally, these detectors should distinguish other dangerous factors as well such as carbon monoxide.

In our consistently connected world, builders are now presented with options that embrace the TecHome and the Internet of Things.

Including these smart detectors as standard in your home is simultaneously a necessity and amenity that will have your clients thanking you. After all, with many of these detectors on the general market, it’s best for you to tie these into initial home packages rather than have your clients seek them out once your sale has been made.

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Here are some affordable options for HiVol that could prove to be lucrative in the long run.



Nest Protect ($99)

The Nest Protect.
The Nest Protect.

Nest is best known for its Smart Learning Thermostat, but it has also introduced a smart smoke detector known as the Nest Protect that features great innovations.

The Protect features an industrial-grade smoke detector, a voice alert system and can be controlled easily using the Nest app. It’s a great option for production builders already including the company’s thermostat in their homes.

Other notable features that will appeal to clients include algorithmic CO detection and a “Split-Spectrum Sensor” that uses two different wavelengths of light to detect smoke from fires that are both fast-burning and slowly smoldering.

Additionally, to add convenience and prevent annoyance to the clients, the Nest Protect checks its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day, while also quietly testing its speaker and horn once a month.

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