Builders Build New Bonds at TecHome Builder LUX 2015

Builders Build New Bonds at TecHome Builder LUX 2015

The future is now, and it’s happening at TecHome Builder LUX.

On Nov. 4, crowds of builders filled tables at the Omni Resort in ChampionsGate, Florida, representing a collective of those in the smart home industry who are wisely looking ahead towards the future of their business.

The 2015 TecHome Builder LUX event is currently in motion. Day one kicked off with builders and integrators eager to share and learn from one another through panels, presentations, but most of all, the power of conversations and connections.

Ultimate Tech Sales: Collaboration and Consultation

Prepping for the first panel of TecHome LUX
Prepping for the first panel of TecHome Builder LUX.

After guests filed into the Omni, they were treated to a panel discussion entitled “Ultimate Tech Sales: Collaboration and the Consultative Sale.” Moderated by AE Ventures vice president Nancy Franco, the panel featured builder Glenn Layton, managing partner of Glenn Layton Homes, and his go-to integrator, John Prince of Atlantic Home Technologies.

Together, the duo outlined strategies for creating the ultimate builder/integrator collaboration.

They stressed the importance of knowing your facts when it comes to implementing tech in the smart home industry and that your job is to become the homebuyer’s trusted advisor. With that said, they expressed that technology should never be a hard sell. Exposing homebuyers to what’s available through showrooms, model homes and demonstrations that showcase how it will make their lives easier is always more effective.

Layton specifically noted, to accomplish this, builders should find an integrator with a proven track record of success and partner with those interested in success. There also needs to be a connection to truly form the ultimate business relationship between builder and integrator.

“There are a lot of good integrators out there,” says Layton. “Seek out someone you have a great, synergistic relationship with.” 

Roundtables, Workshops and Women-Focused Building

Next up on the day one agenda was the visioning roundtable entitled “Appealing to Women: Entertaining and Technology in the Home,” moderated by editor-in-chief of TecHome Builder, Andrea Medeiros.

Builders discussed strategies for appealing to women in roundtable sessions
Builders discussed strategies for appealing to women in roundtable sessions.

After a spirited presentation by Hugh Fisher of h.a. Fisher Homes discussing his “women-centric” approach to luxury homebuilding, the audience was invited to participate in roundtable discussions and activities regarding this topic. Builders dug deep to design and sell their own women-centric models, and prizes were awarded to the best ideas.

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Common ideas focused on convenient and clean designs in tech-filled kitchens (a microwave built into the cabinets that pulls out, light switches placed underneath the cabinets and a curved kick plate in corners).

Security, safety, neatness and energy efficiency are among the top priorities for women buyers.

The Power of Conversation

As TecHome LUX’s opening day drew to a close, the night concluded with guests gathering in a beautiful patio setting outdoors. There were nachos, sliders, drinks and the aesthetically pleasing visuals of Stealth Acoustics’ Outdoor Patio Theater, which showcased a variety of crisp, stunning footage while highlighting the luxurious allure of outdoor entertainment.

But most importantly, this was a time for people to meet, network and discuss ideas. With every handshake came a new relationship, and with that comes an opportunity for a brighter future for the smart home industry.

As builders talked and learned from one another, new roads to the future were paved.

More LUX to Come

Today and tomorrow, TecHome LUX will continue to flourish as it builds relationships and creates learning opportunities for the smart home community.

Thursday finds builders participating in a breakfast keynote regarding “The Safe and Secure Luxury TecHome,” a key issue in today’s ever-growing Internet of Things. The keynote session is sponsored by Following this will be interactive boardroom sessions, where builders will connect with vendors to learn about the latest and upcoming in technology devices and services.

LUX showcases will display the latest in tech for builders to learn
LUX showcases will display the latest in tech for builders to learn

Lunch will feature the panel “What Luxury Looks Like in Energy, Electrical and Comfort,” sponsored by Elan Home Systems, while the roundtable for the day will concentrate on new processes for builder and contractor collaboration. The day will conclude with showcases, meetings and a reception.

Friday’s breakfast keynote session is entitled “Melding Control, Maintenance, Monitoring and Managed Service to Create the Ultimate Luxury Customer Experience” and will focus on the critical nature of smart home technology in the luxury market.

In between more meetings and boardroom presentations comes an appropriately titled luncheon, “Food for Thought: High Performance Kitchens.”

And last but certainly not least, LUX is preparing to conclude with a bang during its finale, where builders will duke it out in a game show style segment entitled “Whose Tech Is It Anyway?” The finale will dig into the homes and tech of Hollywood stars, musicians and athletes in an immersive experience that will test builders’ knowledge of technology in the homes of the rich and famous.

A Place for Builders

TecHome Builder LUX is a one-of-a-kind hosted buyer event, where many of the players in the luxury market come together to share with their peers, gather new ideas to boost their businesses and, in turn, change the TecHome forever. 

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Greg Vellante is a staff writer and multimedia specialist at TecHome Builder, as well as a content coordinator for AE Ventures events. He has over a decade of experience writing for various publications on topics that range from cinema to editorials to home technology. His favorite technologies fall into the A/V and home entertainment realm, and he’s keeping a close eye on the rising trends in robotics and virtual/augmented reality. Greg resides in Boston, holds a degree in Media Studies from Emerson College and pursues screenwriting/filmmaking in his free time.

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