Coldwell Banker: Smart Home Tech Equals More Sales

Coldwell Banker: Smart Home Tech Equals More Sales

Coldwell Banker is moving deeper into the smart home market with a new real estate staging program aimed at selling more homes with tech. 

The real estate company has entered into a supplier agreement with Worthington Group, Ltd. to supply smart home tech to sellers who list their homes with Coldwell. The Smart Home Staging Kit is currently available on Worthington’s website.

The complete smart home kit will include the Nest product lineup, Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting kit and the August Connect hub with smart locks.

Coldwell says adding smart home tech like this can lead to greater appeal and more homes sold. The concept is to provide homebuyers with a turnkey, connected experience. According to the latest in a series of ongoing research projects by Coldwell, 71 percent of buyers want a “move-in ready” home. And more than half of buyers would consider older homes updated and appealing if they had smart home features installed before the buying process.

The recent Coldwell Survey also highlighted trends among Millennials when it comes to the importance of smart staging a newly-built home. The survey found that 61 percent of Millennials would choose a smart home over a traditional home.  

Coldwell Banker launched a smart home initiative last May.
Coldwell Banker launches a smart home initiative.

The survey also found that roughly half of Millennials and 42 percent of U.S. broadband households would “Smart Stage” their home to attract buyers. And more than 35 percent of Americans now associate smart home tech with a move-in ready home.

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The Smart Home Staging Kit can be purchased as a complete kit or separately as individual items. Worthington and Coldwell are offering a promotional rate of $999 for the complete kit.

This move by Coldwell proves a major real estate player is jumping on board with smart home tech, which will increase awareness. Builders can follow this model by including a base level of standard tech.

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