Could Drones be the Key to More Efficient Home Inspections?

Could Drones be the Key to More Efficient Home Inspections?

A company from Canada is exploring innovative new methods of inspecting the home for energy-related factors … using drones.

Drones are a topic not often discussed in the TecHome realm, since builders wouldn’t typically have much use for the technology. But Ontario-based iSparks Solutions looks to change this by using drones to analyze a home for inspection. This is usually done by a professional home inspector before a buyer’s initial purchase of the home, but this checklist procedure is about to be revolutionized.

According to a story from Parry Sound North Star, iSparks combines the aerial photography of their drones with thermal imaging. This tool can help find issues that wouldn’t often be noticed with a standard home inspection by eye. Thermal imaging can detect insulation deficiencies in walls and ceilings, plumbing leaks and even HVAC issues in the ducts. The imaging is accomplished through a special infrared camera and corresponding software.

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Through visual inspection alone, finding these problems would likely require more invasive, and costly, methods. 

Since conservation of energy is a major issue among homebuyers these days, inspection by drone is an interesting method for distinguishing your builder business from others in the market.

It can help eliminate the costs of an invasive professional inspection and is likely more reliable.

Drone inspections will also save time and embrace safety. There are no ladders or tools involved, and nobody is required to climb or walk on the roof. The inspections can be done in a fraction of the time and with less hassle. All that’s needed is the drone itself, an infrared camera and a capable pilot.

Could this revolutionize the home inspection side of business for builders? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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