Ecovent to Preview Home Diagnostic System at CES 2016

Ecovent to Preview Home Diagnostic System at CES 2016

At CES 2016, Ecovent will preview a new diagnostic feature that can help builders market efficient and healthier homes to potential homebuyers.

The new Home Health Report from Ecovent provides homebuyers with detailed information on the health of their home such as the risks of mold growth, the tightness of each room and the efficiency of the HVAC system.

The Home Health Report builds off of Ecovent’s current product line of sensors and hubs that monitor and determine  problem areas as well as which rooms require heating or cooling. 

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The Home Health Report controlling an Ecovent smart vent.
The Ecovent smart app is seen here controlling an Ecovent smart vent.

The Home Health Report uses radio frequencies and Wi-Fi protocols to connect and send information from the vents back to the home’s central hub to adjust airflow.

This new diagnostic system can be a great marketing tool to attract health-conscious homebuyers into a healthy home, while also helping builders during construction. 

Builders can use the Home Health Report to fully understand problem spots in the home’s HVAC system like an ineffective filter or drafty windows.

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The Home Health Report is not the only diagnostic tool currently available to builders. Smart home products from Loxone and Elgato Eve monitor efficiency and HVAC health levels such as air quality in the smart home.

Ecovent’s Home Health Report tool and current product line will be located in booth 71259 at CES 2016.

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