Historic Mansion to Teach HiVol Builders About Upsell Options

Historic Mansion to Teach HiVol Builders About Upsell Options


One of England’s most prestigious residential areas is part golf course and part mansion. And now with the help of some experts, Wentworth Mansion is just as smart as it is historic.

This project not only offers a “wow” factor for production builders to strive for; it also demonstrates how home technology can help you gain appeal in the higher-end high-volume market.

To bring the 1920’s mansion into the 21st century, the homeowner decided to consult with UK-based integration firm South Aniston to upgrade an aging audio controller and explore smart home options that would fit the homeowner’s needs. But what started as a consultation on audio options and simple home control, turned into whole-house home control with the Elan system.

Wentworth Mansion’s massive smart home overhaul should also be a rallying call for production builders who are still considering whether to use an integrator on smart home projects. This luxury-focused project showcases the importance of integrating with a stable automation platform when looking to upsell options and increase flexibility.

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Check out this historic mansion that became smart with tech!


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Production builders should be integrating with a strong automation platform.
Production builders should be integrating with a strong automation platform.

Using Automation to Drive Sales

Regardless of the type of production home you are building, homebuyers want to feel like their new home is connected and responsive. A stable automation platform is the first step to expanding options and bolstering your company’s bottom line.

Production builders typically start with a base level of tech and leave any future additions in their clients’ hands. Instead, this project showcases that when builders take the time to understand how their clients plan to use the home’s platform day-to-day, they can upsell from the beginning.

Taking the time to understand how the platform will impact the homebuyer’s routine can lead to a conversation about adding luxury-tech features that they may have eventually planned to install on their own.

According to Bloomberg, higher-end homes are selling at double their historical average, while middle-class property demand has faltered. Including luxury-tech can help you tap into this lucrative demographic of homebuyers that want tech and are willing to pay for it.

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