It’s Not About the Technology

It’s Not About the Technology

People are embracing home automation as it brings ease and control to their lives. Photos Courtesy of Vivint

Home control and automation has been around for a quite a while, but some are still warming to the concept of it. Take a couple I met years ago when I toured their South Florida home, bordering a golf course. The owner was one of the builders of the luxury development, and the house featured automated lighting control with touchpads that replaced light switches and with buttons that called up timed and preset scenes for lights and whole-house music.

We finished a tour of their home, and I wondered if they would upgrade to newfangled touchscreen controllers. Do you think you’ll get more home automation?” I asked.

“Oh no,” they nearly cried in unison. “We don’t want any of that home automation!”

Though they already had it.

How times have changed. Now, many people like the idea of home automation and home control—and accessing thermostats, lights and electronic locks in their homes via smartphones and tablet computers.

Photo courtesy of Vivint.“People are looking for technology,” says Mike Murphy, executive vice president at green home builder Nexus EnergyHomes in Stevensville, Md., which is profiled this week. “iPhones and iPads are proof that people embrace this kind of technology. And now they can communicate with their homes in a way they never have before.”

Nexus EnergyHomes includes a variety of green and energy-efficient technologies in its green homes, from solar and geothermal systems to energy monitoring and home automation.

The idea among green builders, like Nexus, is that energy monitoring and home automation can help homeowners save more energy. It also reminds homeowners of the green and energy-saving home that has been built for them.

“It’s great to create a high-performance home, but you also need a way to show that to the homeowners,” says Murphy.

Photo courtesy of Vivint.

And you don’t have to be green to sell home control, as explained in “4 Easy Ways to Sell Home Control,” brought to us by Cat Fowler of URC, a remote control company that has successfully broadened into affordable home control.

It’s all about extolling the benefits to homebuyers in the building stage.

But, I’ll let Cat and Mike explain.



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