Honda Releases Smart Home Data to Impact Industry

Honda Releases Smart Home Data to Impact Industry


Honda’s smart home is integrated with responsive lighting, state-of-art climate control and sensors that collect the home’s data.

The Honda team recently released data for the first full year the home was in operation—April 2015 to March 2016. “It was an observation of how a family interacts with the home and how the home controls respond to the occupants and environment,” says project leader Michael Koenig.

Every minute, 270 separate data channels are recording everything from the air movement between walls to the impact of circadian rhythm lights on an occupant’s health. All of these data points have been compiled and organized into a database for builders to replicate the work and rethink how homes can be improved with tech.

“Most of the data aligned with our predictions, but we’ve learned a couple of things along the way,” says Koenig. 

Now, TecHome Builder is analyzing the data from the project to help builders and integrators make the best tech choices on future homes.

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Honda released the smart home's data with the goal of impacting the industry.
Honda released the smart home’s data with the goal of impacting the industry.

Why Collect Data?

The Honda team released a wealth of data on the smart home, which was built and is currently located on the University of California, Davis campus.

To get the word out to builders, Honda has released all of the home’s design plans and specs for download. Everything from the connected systems to the renewable building materials used in the home can be referenced and replicated by builders looking to create their own sustainable, smart home..

“Ultimately, we hope that by sharing our data, it will be useful to researchers in both the public and private sectors,” says Koenig.

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