LUX Add-Ons for an Automated Outdoor Standard, Year-Round

LUX Add-Ons for an Automated Outdoor Standard, Year-Round


Summer is coming to end (in some parts of the country), but the desire for connected, automated outdoor tech continues to grow among luxury homebuyers.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ Field Guide to Listing and Selling Properties, luxury homebuyers represent more than a quarter of the residential market. And distinctive outdoor add-ons are an easy way to appeal to this small, but lucrative segment of buyers. 

“Luxury homebuyers are looking for convenience and comfort, but more importantly, they desire aesthetically pleasing solutions,” says Staci Quirk, product manager at Lutron. “These products work seamlessly with their smart homes but, ultimately, disappear when installed.” 

scroll_outdoortechTecHome talked with outdoor tech manufacturers and compiled a list of some of the best year-round add-ons for the growing luxury market.

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Appealing Tech Add-Ons for the LUX Market


[tps_title]Changing the Standard [/tps_title]

What luxury buyers want is changing.
What luxury buyers want is changing.

Changing Standards to Gain Appeal

Luxury buyers are prone to change.

According to experts in the outdoor tech market, builders and integrators need to change their standards to stay relevant. “We have been in the patio shading business for over three decades,” says Earl Cornelius, national sales manager at Insolroll.

He says during that time, “The portable grill has been replaced by the gourmet kitchen, and the backyard patio has become an extension of the home.” 

Staying on top of outdoor tech trends and being aware of the latest tech on the market can help you stay relevant among LUX homebuyers.

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