MLB Players Make a Home Run with Home Control

MLB Players Make a Home Run with Home Control


The 2016 MLB playoff season is well underway, and as far as we’re concerned, these players aren’t just competing for the best post-season record.

These past and present champs, who’ve nabbed a spot on the past playoff teams, are vying for the most comfortable, convenient and healthy TecHome.

Media rooms, connected gyms, extravagant outdoor areas and smart lights are defining the smart homes of choice MLB champions. So grab those cracker jacks, take a break from rooting for the home team and check out the luxury connected houses these playoff stars are calling home.

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[tps_title]Curtis Granderson [/tps_title]

 Mets outfielder Granderson uses Crestron to connect.
Mets outfielder Granderson uses Crestron to connect.

Mets’ Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson and his Mets had a challenging post-season, facing elimination from San Francisco at the National League Wild Card Game. 

Off the field, Granderson uses Crestron to control the lights and devices in his Upper East Side luxury condo, the Laurel.

The Mets outfielder can control his lights, HVAC, music and entertainment all through Crestron’s smartphone app.  

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