In Search of TecHome Master Builders

In Search of TecHome Master Builders

It’s no secret we are true believers in technology at TecHome Builder.

We believe:

  • Technology makes homes more convenient, more enjoyable, more efficient, healthier and safer.
  • Technology improves the overall performance of homes.
  • Technology can be a key differentiator vs. used homes–a reason to buy new instead of used.
  • Technology can be leveraged to establish and maintain long-term relationships with homebuyers, creating new revenue streams for builders and greater potential for creating life-long customers.
  • Technology can be part of a new and more powerful brand DNA for builders and a key to improved and more valuable business models.

That’s the opportunity side of our beliefs.

On the challenges side stands one clear truth. The homebuilding industry has historically been slow to exploit technology features and advances. Lack of information, lack of understanding and the shortcoming of technology makers, service providers and subcontractors who’ve not yet taken the extra steps to adopt their offerings to the business and production processes of the builder all contribute to a situation that is less than optimal.

Tackling both the opportunity and the challenge of technology and homebuilding is what TecHome Builder is all about. And, to that end, we’re announcing an important new project.

The Challenge

Are you interested in helping us define the characteristics and practices of a TecHome Master Builder? Can you help us identify the information and education sources required to speed the development of a new breed of TecHome Master Builders? Can you help us identify how TecHome Master Builders can efficiently promote their commitment to technology and the benefits it confers on their homebuying customers?

We’re looking for input from all levels of the TecHome ecosystem. We’ll use surveys, interviews and correspondence to produce a special report declaring a vision for the TecHome Master Builder, unveiled at the Grand Finale of the TecHome Builder Summit on March 25, 2015 in Austin, Texas.

We’re kicking the process off in early February, so email me as soon as possible to be included.

This is going to be a cool project that generates a very useful product.

I’m looking forward to working on it with a group of energized building and tech industry pros!

John Galante

President, AE Ventures

Publishers of TecHome Builder

Producers of the TecHome Builder Summit, TecHome Builder LUX

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