Smart HVAC in Innovative, “Maintenance Free” Home

Smart HVAC in Innovative, “Maintenance Free” Home


It’s a smart home concept that blends automation and innovative tech in a monitored and managed home the creator calls “maintenance free” for four decades. That includes the HVAC system.

Martin Winston is the tech integrator, designer and spokesperson on the project. He explains the cutting-edge automation technology inside this home in the first piece of this series.

Today, we focus on the HVAC system in this concept home. It will follow the same route of advanced automation as the rest of the home, and the result is an efficient system that places attention on energy usage and indoor air quality (IAQ).


“I’m incorporating a fairly thorough HVAC comfort system with a monitoring programming built-in,” says Winston. He is going as far as having the home’s system regularly email him with monitoring updates. 

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[tps_title]Smart HVAC Concept[/tps_title]

The home’s HVAC system accounts for external factors that impact efficiency.
The home’s HVAC system accounts for external factors that impact efficiency.

Smart HVAC Concept

The HVAC system is designed on the premise that the equipment should be smart enough to account for external factors such as outdoor temperatures, electrical loads and occupancy to remain efficient.

The equipment and compressor are variable, not binary. This means the system’s operation will be based on heat and load, not just on a simple on/off setting. “These two measures alone reduce the stress of the system and improve its runtime,” says Winston.

Optimizing the system to work based on factors such as heat and electrical load reduces the system runtime to only kick-on when needed, which greatly improves the system’s lifespan.

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