Solar Energy “Clouds” Cool Down the Home without AC

Solar Energy “Clouds” Cool Down the Home without AC

It’s a new way to use solar energy.

A group of Dutch designers has created an HVAC solution that doesn’t include using energy to run air conditioning units.

We know many customers demand skylights, like this solar-powered option by Velux. But the problem is that skylights create a mini-greenhouse effect, heating up the room. According to Studio Toer, the Cumulus system offers a solution to that by inflating large, white “clouds” to provide shade in the sunniest rooms.

Each balloon contains a fan that’s wired to a solar panel. And when the sun starts to heat up the room, the solar panel collects the power and the “clouds” begin to fill with air.

According to the design studio, under sufficient light the balloons will fill and cool the space in about two minutes.

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The “clouds” haven’t hit the residential market just yet; they’re currently on display at a contemporary art museum in Luxembourg.

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