Spot Ventilation Worth Spotting

Spot Ventilation Worth Spotting

Thermador’s Masterpiece Series series chimney-style wall hoods add to a contemporary kitchen and create a dramatic focal point to the space.

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are areas of the house where smells and humidity can sometimes become a bother. Under most building codes, the kitchen and bathroom need to be ventilated separately from the rest of the house using fans that pull air into the rooms and remove the smells from the room and vent it out of the house.

A Range of Hoods to Choose From

Range hoods are the best way to do remove lingering odors or smoke from the kitchen from wall hoods to island hoods for the cooking range island that’s the center of attention. Chimney hoods offer a sleek modern design with adjustable heights for a range of ceilings, while downdrafts retreat into the ceiling when not in use.

Thermador’s Masterpiece Series series’ chimney-style wall hoods add to a contemporary kitchen and create a dramatic focal point to the space. The stainless steel chimney wall drawer hood includes a 600 CFM integrated blower and a unique slide-out canopy design. The 36-inch wide hood includes dishwasher-safe, anodized filters and electronic four-speed touch controls that look sleek and area easy to clean, halogen lighting, and delayed shut-off for better efficiency and to tackle those lingering odors.


Never Have a Steamy Mirror Again

Delta Breez BreezSignature Ventilation Fans now feature a humidity sensor that knows just when the bathroom mirror is about to get steamy. The VFB25AEH model moves 130 CFM at its highest speed while remaining relatively quiet at 1.3 sones. The sensor sends a signal to the DC motor to adjust the fan speed based on humidity levels. The fan features blue and amber LED indicator lights to show humidity sensor mode and full speed mode. It’s Energy Star qualified and approved for use under California’s Title 24.


No Sweat to Remove Humidity

Maybe the laundry room isn’t the coolest place in the house to hang out, but it can be a lot cooler and less humid place to work. Leviton offers to run the fan automatically when high humidity levels are present, eliminating harmful mold growth. Anything that can eliminate humidity in a laundry room is worth praising. The digital sensor detects excess humidity and automatically activates the ventilation fan to help reduce condensation. Adjustable settings for sensor sensitivity, humidity level and automatic time help reduce energy usage by automatically operating the fan only when needed. It meets California’s Title 24 requirement and CalGreen standards.

Great Spots for Spot Ventilation

  • Kitchen—Range hoods are great, but they should be vented outside. Otherwise, it’s just a filter.
  • Ethnic or “Wok” Kitchens—These second kitchens for Asians, Indians and others sensitive about their home-country cooking smells often contain powerful exhaust fans to keep the exotic aromas from bothering guests.
  • Bathrooms—Ceiling fans here are great for eliminating steam and smells—and should be sized correctly. But did you know you can also use these to help cool and ventilate a house? Some bath fans can work with home controllers to turn on automatically throughout the day to vent hot air at the top of the house and create a cool airflow from below.
  • Laundry Rooms—Eliminate bleach smells and other odors in this workhorse of a room with a ceiling fan that has humidity sensing.
  • Garages or Basements with Workshop Areas—Oil, gas fumes, sawdust: A home workshop or garage should be ventilated to eliminate smells and dust from migrating to other areas of the house.
  • Skylights—Add a ceiling fan running in reverse under a skylight, and you create a ‘thermal chimney’ that ventilates hot air. This convective flow of rising, exhausted hot air can create whole-house ventilation, but due to home design may only work in selected areas of a home. Some designers and builders use automated and motorized windows and skylights, which can even be triggered by sensors to open and close.


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