Take a Spin in the Honda Smart Home

Take a Spin in the Honda Smart Home


Energy conservation is the main theme in Honda’s Smart Home, as the motor company hopes it will serve as a model for other builders.

“This project was largely about having the dialogue with society and homebuilders and technology providers about what could happen and what’s available now,” says project leader Michael Koenig.

To get the word out to builders, Honda has released all of the home’s design plans and specs for download. Everything from the connected systems to building materials used in the home on the University of California, Davis campus can be referenced by builders to create their own sustainable connected home.

At 1,944-square-feet, the Honda Smart Home is designed to use 75 percent less energy and three times less water than the typical home. It also contains management systems to generate more power than consumed, which results in a net surplus home.

Smart controllable lights, efficient energy systems and sustainable construction techniques have set the Honda home apart.  

Cantara Designs was brought onto the project to integrate the automation and entertainment components of the home. Jason Voorhees, president of Cantara, says the biggest challenge was integrating all of the experimental subsystems.

Every minute, 270 separate data channels are recording everything from temperature in the walls to air movement throughout rooms. All the data these sensors have been collecting will also be available to builders in the next six months.

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[tps_title]Heating and Cooling[/tps_title]

The home is designed with overhangs to spare homeowners from the California sun
The home is designed with overhangs to spare homeowners from the California sun

Unique Heating and Cooling Systems

The home contains no air conditioning system but manages to stay cool with overhangs that keep the sun out during peak hours.

“When we came to visit, I was shocked that it was 74 degrees inside when it was 104 outside,” said current resident Susan O’Hara.

The house contains a ground source heat pump with 100 percent radiant heating and cooling to keep the home comfortable without using any forced air.

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