Trump Transition Team Adds Three Prominent Tech Innovators

Trump Transition Team Adds Three Prominent Tech Innovators

Three prominent tech innovators will reportedly join a policy team to advise President-elect Donald Trump on emerging tech trends and the current state of the tech market.

Earlier this week, Trump’s transition team invited top leadership from major technology companies to advise the President-elect on emerging technologies and to give a first-hand glimpse on how these technologies can transform different aspects of the economy.

This overarching meeting was a trial of sorts to determine the best tech leaders to join the President-elect’s Strategic Policy Forum. After inauguration day, this forum will frequently meet with the President and his top staff to help shape economic and tech policy.

Out of this larger group of tech leaders the Trump team chose three CEOs to serve on the Strategic Policy Forum—Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi will be joining the policy team.  

Trump and Pence with leadership from Facebook, Amazon and Apple.
Trump and Pence with leadership from Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

Other major tech companies, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook were also invited to this week’s tech conference, but it is unclear what role, if any, these leaders will serve in a Trump administration.

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Each forum member will use their unique tech experiences to consult Trump on upcoming developments. For example, Kalanick will use his experience at Uber to consult the transportation department on ways that tech could transform public transportation.

Musk, Kalanick and Nooyi will join 13 other members of the Strategic and Policy Forum. These members include General Motors, The Walt Disney Company, Boeing, General Electric and others that have served in the private and public sectors.

Introducing prominent tech leaders to the administration should quell some fears among builders and integrators that comprehensive tech policy will fall to the waysides under a President Trump.

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