VIDEO: Smart Home Industry Intersects at Inaugural TecHomeX

The first-ever TecHomeX just launched in Orlando.

“I came into this show not really knowing what to expect,” says Henry Clifford, president at Livewire.

And what this integrator got was a new concept for a trade show that sparks relationships between builders, integrators, contractors, realtors and more. The idea is that TecHomeX is the intersection between all of the players in the smart home.

“We don’t do as much business as we’d like with the realtors. The apartment world is a bit of a mystery to us, so here I am five minutes into TecHomeX, and I’ve met with two folks I’ve been trying to put something together with since last summer,” says Clifford.

New connections are one thing, and seeing and understanding new products is another important part of creating a successful smart home of the future.

“The smart home is one that can tell not only that someone’s home, but it can tell who’s home,” says Barry Hensley, president of NorthStar Luxury Homes.

Hensley says the technology shown at TecHomeX is bringing him one step closer to offering a truly “smart” home to his clients. “There are things we can do with technology to greatly enhance our customers’ quality of life, and that includes security and comfort and audio/video distribution and smart locks and just about everything else you can imagine in a home that can be automated and enhance a customer’s lifestyle,” he says.

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And in order to truly enhance a customer’s experience, you have to be educated on all this technology, which goes beyond just home automation. Patrick Egan of Select Security offered his expertise in a TecHomeX course focused on another facet of the industry that’s seeing massive growth.

“I think you’re going to see HVAC contractors have a customer base. They own their customer from an HVAC standpoint. Security companies own their customers from a security standpoint. I believe you’ll see great partnerships come out of the convergence of those technologies,” says Egan.

Convergence is the key word. As technologies converge, experts on all sides of the industry need to do the same to be successful. That’s what TecHomeX is facilitating.

The speaking experiences, the collaboration experiences and then just today walking the show floor, it’s been fantastic,” says Clifford, “so I think we’re off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings.”

Stay tuned for an even bigger show with a hosted element next year as TecHomeX heads to Long Beach.

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