VRF Products for the Energy Efficient Home

VRF Products for the Energy Efficient Home

When it comes to Healthy Home trends, knowing the wide range of products out there is the best way for builders to choose what works best for their own personal preference and those of clients.

Recently, TecHome Builder covered the HVAC concept of VRF, or Variable Refrigerant Flow. VRF is a crucial component of healthy homes and embraces the powers of renewable energy to reduce costs for builders and homeowners.

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Now, we want to focus on the major manufacturers that have embraced the VRF concept and discuss their key initiatives in bringing Variable Refrigerant Flow to the Healthy Home.

This can hopefully steer builders in the right direction when considering HVAC technology for the home, especially that of the VRF variety.


The Multi-V system from LG.
The Multi-V system from LG.

LG, a major player in the smart home circuit with smart TVs, appliances and more, has also worked extensively in the HVAC arena.

The company manufactures a premiere line of energy efficient systems deemed Multi V, which use VRF technology.

Included in this line are air source units designed to operate outdoors, using outside air as the heat exchange medium. Some indoor applications are also permissible. There are water source units as well, which utilize water as the heat exchange medium and are designed with compressors to operate quietly indoors.

Also included in the Multi V line are ducted and non-ducted indoor units for use with compressor systems, pre-engineered air technologies and control systems that work with the line’s existing operations and interface, all of which should work well with open protocol automation systems.


Trane, a leader in HVAC technologies, offers a VRF portfolio that features wide-ranging selections of outdoor and indoor units, as well as a control platform to tie everything together.

Trane's VRF System.
Trane’s VRF System.

Trane promises to work with builders to ensure that correctly configured technologies are being integrated into the home based on its construction.

Does it have ducts or not? Is it a brand new project? Trane’s line-up includes outdoor units, mini outdoor units, cassette indoor units, concealed indoor units, high wall units, floor ceiling units and a gamut of controls to work with a myriad of builder projects.

It’s good to note, however, that Trane currently holds a climate control partnership with Nexia and would work best with that automation platform.


Like the aforementioned, Carrier features both indoor and outdoor VRF units.

A Carrier VRF unit.
A Carrier VRF unit.

Their outdoor units feature DC inverter compressors to maximize efficiency and system longevity, while DC fan motors increase efficiency and energy savings over standard AC motors. The outdoor units can connect to 3,280 ft. worth of piping and include an “Energy-Smart Night Mode,” which can be programmed to run the system at reduced speeds overnight for even great efficiency and reduced noise levels.

On the other side, indoor units feature functions such as auto restart, dry mode, auto addressing, error status and remote on/off, all of which increase efficiency and functionality.

As for control, Carrier offers multiple options and accessories for creating the ideal environment, inside and outside of the home. Recently, they’ve introduced a new touchscreen programmable controller, which should work with open protocol automation hubs.

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