Follow the Money

Opportunities for residential developers, builders and technology vendors and integrators in government funded broadband expansion.

Few government initiatives possess as much bipartisan support as expanding broadband connectivity in America. Democrats and Republicans at both the Federal and State level sponsored and passed legislation in 2021 allocating tens of billions of dollars for broadband development and deployment over the next several years.

These programs not only fund broadband access to unserved and underserved communities, but in many cases they could also subsidize the on-premises and community-wide broadband infrastructure that developers, builders and technology integrators install to make homes and communities smart and connected.

In this webinar, John Galante, President of AE Ventures, and John Chwat, Senior Vice President of McKeon Group —a Washington, D.C. government relations firm—break down the "Follow the Money" research paper released last week on TecHome Builder.

In this webcast, you will gain the tools you'll need to:

  • Increase your awareness of opportunities
  • Provide tips on how to address opportunities
  • Discuss industry interest in ongoing professional surveillance of legislation and rule-making this area

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