Gain $220K for Every 100 Homes Built

The construction industry has only had one way to control power – installing boxes, wiring, and switches in the walls.

Levven two-component smart switching now gives builders and trades a choice on how to control power. Using wireless radio frequency, Levven switches send on, off, and dim commands to relays that switch the power to the fixture or outlet.

This eliminates tasks for five trades and builder personnel – increasing labor efficiency and conserving 30% of the building wire while making every switch in the house smart.

Gain for Builders and Trades

This is trending data from builder and trades across the country installing switches today:

Time Cost9 hours2 hours0.9 days
Dollar Cost$626$323$135

Identifying the installation and rework costs of installing switches today is the basis of Levven’s strategy to convert costs into value for builders, trades, and consumers.

Builders who transition from wired switches to Levven controls can net $220,000 for every hundred homes built.

Why Home Builders Want This Change

“Switching to Levven has helped our trades to be more efficient,” says Anil Somaia, Sales Manager at Landmark Homes.

“The labor and materials used by traditional methods of wiring switches has been eliminated. That’s the advantage. Trades no longer have to work around electrical boxes for wired switches.”

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Levven assists builders and trades through a proven process of verifying costs to guarantee savings.

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