Integrated Home Tech Marketing

As technology is becoming more the expectation than the exception in new home properties, savvy builders are attracting more buyers by showing clients what makes their standard tech offerings a cut above the rest with integrated marketing strategies. We will chat with Terry Zelen, a seasoned creative director with 30-years’ experience with Home Builders and Developers for advertising and marketing and President of Zelen Communications, and Steve Wiltse, innovative construction professional and owner of New Legacy Homes, to find out what strategies builders can leverage to increase home sales.


Terry Zelen

President of Zelen Communications, Inc.; Author of The-Punch-List

As an advertising pioneer who embraced today’s technology in its early stages, Terry embodies a rare breed of individual that is both a creative as well as a marketing strategist. His firm, based in Tampa, FL has specialized in the home building and real estate market both locally and nationally for decades. As team leader for a crew of designers, programmers, account management and strategic professionals, Terry cultivates their talents while ensuring the highest level of quality for their creative and marketing efforts in the home building industry. He is the author of The-Puch-List.com, a repository of marketing information for builders and developers.


Steve Wiltse

Owner of New Legacy Homes, Tampa Florida

Steve Wiltse is a performance-driven construction professional with extensive experience in residential homebuilding. Owner of New Legacy Homes, he is strategy architect in the development of innovative initiatives to streamline processes and capitalize on growth opportunities. In the past, Steve held leadership roles with some of the most well-respected homebuilders and general contractors in the industry. He is a creative thinker, problem solver and visionary with demonstrated expertise in reducing costs, increasing revenues and building teams.


#1 Builder Technology Resource

Technology is transforming homebuilding, making new homes smarter, safer, more connected, greener, healthier, more productive and more entertaining and improving the way new homes are marketed, sold, designed, constructed and cared-for. As builders lean forward into tech, TecHome Builder steps up as the #1 builder technology resource, helping all kinds of builders and multifamily property operators get a handle on the fast-moving challenges and opportunities of tech and quickly take the actions required to turn tech into a strategic advantage.