Multifamily Tech for Middle & Affordable Markets

It’s a sign that tech is maturing and coming into its own when it’s not just for the rich and famous. Join Kate Good, Principal, Multifamily Development and Operations Hunington Residential and Ray Kuniansky, Chief Development Officer Columbia Residential for a peek into what leaders in the mid- and affordable markets are doing with tech to provide practical bottom line benefits for residents and the multifamily companies themselves.


Are you a tech forward multifamily operator, owner or Builder ready to expand and improve your tech offerings?

Join us for the TecHome Builder Summit, August 17th in Louisville or October 5th in Seattle. Click here to apply for complimentary hosting (includes hotel stay, airfare, and meals during event!)




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#1 Builder Technology Resource

Technology is transforming homebuilding, making new homes smarter, safer, more connected, greener, healthier, more productive and more entertaining and improving the way new homes are marketed, sold, designed, constructed and cared-for. As builders lean forward into tech, TecHome Builder steps up as the #1 builder technology resource, helping all kinds of builders and multifamily property operators get a handle on the fast-moving challenges and opportunities of tech and quickly take the actions required to turn tech into a strategic advantage.