Builders who pivot can prosper even in pandemic times: by offering virtual sales centres

It’s Business As Usual for Tech-Savvy New Home Builders Using Virtual Sales Centres: Introducing LiveSite™ the Virtual Sales Center Software Powered by NEEZO Studios!

While the pandemic has accelerated the need for builders to offer their homebuyers a true, virtual experience…it has actually just been a day-in-the-life of best-practices at NEEZO Studios. LiveSite™, the company's state-of-the-art virtual sales center software, has helped new home builders and developers offer homebuyers the exact same user experience they would expect if they had visited the sales center. 

“We understand that there are home buyers out there that still need to buy a home.  It’s a nice feeling to know we’re helping businesses…do business.” says Lisa Reis, Director of Marketing for NEEZO Studios. Digitally-forward-thinking home builders have embraced LiveSite™ and are now virtually experiencing business as usual.

LiveSite™ took the architectural visualization industry by storm when it launched earlier this year. NEEZO Studios' talented team of developers tweaked and tinkered with the software application for the past 7 years, evolving it into the indispensable sales tool that it is today.  Each year, (similar to mobile companies unveiling their latest edition), LiveSite™ will continue to evolve, featuring new bells and whistles to satiate client and consumer demand.  NEEZO’s mission for LiveSite™ is to always strive to exceed client and end-users’ expectations, by offering a virtually unforgettable user experience.

Previous to the high demand for digital solutions for home sales, the folks at NEEZO have been working to educate the real estate marketing industry on the benefits of all things virtual. “Sometimes prospective clients get it and adopt it right away,” explains Reis, “Other times they’re more passive and defer the concept–thinking it’s not something their homebuyers will use. 

Technology is changing every day and the builder industry has been historically slow to adopt solutions that could bolster their businesses, believing them to be just a fad.

“Nope. It’s not a fad”, says Reis and she’s right. According to real estate trends, our digital native Millennials continue to be a driving force in the home buying market and 93% of shoppers under age 37 look for their homes online. In addition, buyers between the ages of 53-71 feel virtual offerings are important, as this is the generation that tends to relocate the farthest distances away. 

Watch All That LiveSite™ Has to Offer!

“Virtual sales centers are not going away,” explains Reis, “The COVID-19 quarantine may have highlighted a builder’s need for them, but it’s hard to imagine not offering these conveniences to your homebuyers in a post-COVID world”  

NEEZO has recently experienced an influx of new builder clients that are eager to continue doing business virtually—to the fullest extent and the company is ready to help with expertise in other virtual areas as well, including VR/AR, visualizers, configurators, and 3D animation. Reis advises builders to be early-adopters of technology to stay ahead of the competition. "I have sat in meetings 10 and 20 years ago when marketing executives would ponder over whether or not they needed things like website domains, social platforms, or whether or not CRM software would improve their processes–these are all now digital tools-of-the-trade." The next evolution in the home buying is happening NOW and builders will either need to adapt to the "new normal" or be left behind. NEEZO Studios is ready to help them take the next leap towards success!

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LiveSite™ Real Estate Sales Software Powered by NEEZO Studios

LiveSite™'s software application offers an omni-channel approach, providing the same look and feel across multiple platforms, accessible on: desktop, laptop, tablet, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices.

A Builder’s Sales Team Can Benefit From LiveSite™ Too

LiveSite’s™ real-time-data analytics enable the builder and its sales team to access LiveSite’s™ back-end interface to:

  • adjust pricing--at the tap of an app
  • reserve or unveil phases—as they’re ready to be featured
  • reserve or unveil units—as they’re ready to be released
  • print real-time-data sales reports
  • produce live stats
  • upload the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, along with any other required sales documents.

LiveSite™’s thoughtful, cinematic user experience is truly an industry game changer!

LiveSite’s efficiency in sales administration--seals the deal!


About NEEZO Studios

Located in North America’s condo capital (where there are more cranes than any other city on the continent--Toronto, Ontario Canada),  NEEZO’s award-winning architectural visualization services are internationally recognized.

Their creative studio and architectural visualization firm specializes in: photorealistic 3D renderings and animations, interactive applications, software development, virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual staging, VFX and scale models for film/television, real estate, retail and automotive industries.

Through the latest innovations in 3D art and technology, paired with their storytelling and aesthetic strengths, NEEZO Studios creates end-to-end digital solutions that have made a prominent impact on the digital marketing realm.

They offer one of the largest, in-house rendering farms in North America. Their 3D renderings and cinematic-animations are immediately distinguished by their stunning photorealism. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a NEEZO rendering is priceless!

With its beginnings working for HGTV to provide the "inspo-renderings for numerous renovation and design shows, NEEZO is still creating cutting-edge VFX for TV, including the recently aired “Celebrity IOU” a design series produced by everyone’s favorite renovation twins--The Property Brothers™.  NEEZO also counts the likes of D.R. Horton, America’s largest builder among their many cherished clients.

NEEZO recently acquired a building next door to their current office, expanded their footprint to 15,000 sq. ft., giving their headquarters a campus-like feel.  Their growth in business is all in an effort to increasingly serve the international demand for their work, as well as allocating more floor space for their scale model division.  It’s not unusual for their model makers to hop over to Manhattan for lunch, while making a one-day, round-trip to install a scale model.  Let’s say, they know how to pack.


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