New TecHome Advisors Appearing in Louisville Next Week!

Last week, AE Ventures announced the exciting strategy and business planning game-changer for product suppliers, builders, and integrators, TecHome Advisors. Our principal, Joe Lautner, is looking forward to being in Louisville next week for the official launch of the new initiative.

“Our purpose is to help develop practical, well-researched strategies to help offer home technology on a practical and easy-to-implement basis,” says Lautner, who will be holding meetings for builders during the Summit.

Every engagement begins with a deep dive into a builder’s exact needs and pain points in the vexing world of tech. Lautner plans to start digging into that during the discovery meeting.

“Despite being a big business, home technology is still far from optimized, especially in newly built homes…TecHome Advisors is ready to assist.”

Contact Joe Lautner at [email protected] if you would like to learn more about how TecHome Advisors can assist with positioning, relationships, or your go-to-market strategy.


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