Outmaneuvering the Elephant in the Room

For about six months now, COVID has been the sometimes-ignored, sometimes-omnipresent elephant in the room. We adjust our business models and activities. We try to pursue business as usual with new tools and techniques. We go into denial. We try to cope. And we just freak out every now and then about all of the change and uncertainty.

There. I said it.

But we don’t give up or give in easily at AE Ventures/TecHome Builder.

Last June, as we tried to determine the advisability of producing our first TecHome Builder Spring in Orlando, we dug into COVID infection trendlines and mitigation metrics to try to determine the real risks to our staff and participants. It drove us to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) COVID Analytics group for projections of active cases as a baseline for calculating risk. Organizing that info into standard geographic groups, deriving infection rates based on population and adding statistics on mitigation effectiveness gave us a dynamic way to analyze an always-changing situation, a way to put a number on risk and make rational decisions.

The info and tools are useful for any business doing work in the field or operating offices or facilities of almost any type, so we teamed with risk analysis leaders Intelligent Management Trends and Risk Analysis Services to launch what we call the COVID Risk Navigator.

Learn more and download our FREE XLS resource by clicking here and let us know if you, like us, find it useful for outmaneuvering the elephant in the room.


John Galante
AE Ventures
[email protected]