2020 Product Pulse Survey Report

The survey provides a snapshot of what technologies progressive builders are incorporating in the homes they construct and their plans for the near future. It captures the elements of their increasingly standard tech offers. It also articulates their views on the importance of technology and on the strengths and weaknesses of their technology installation partners. Most data points are...

[TECH VENDOR CONTENT] Guide to Selling & Marketing Tech To and Through Builders

Watch this video as a companion to the pdf guide! This guide, specially created for tech manufacturers/service providers, explains how to sell/market tech to and through homebuilders in a seven-step process. It includes elements that are common to most all B2B marketing and sales and that are unique to the challenges of partnering successfully with...

Q3 2020 Housing Stat Pack

Updated quarterly. A national-level look at housing starts (both single-family and multifamily) and housing sales (both new and existing) with history back to 2009 and projections two years forward. Also includes history on permitted value at the national level and drivers like GDP and mortgage rates. Stat Pack Includes: Summary History and Forecasts Permitted Value...

Q2 2020 Housing Stat Pack + TecHome Industry Census

Updated quarterly. A national-level look at housing starts (both single family and multifamily) and housing sales (both new and existing) with history back to 2009 and projections two years forward. Also includes history on permitted value at the national level and drivers like GDP and mortgage rates. NEW TecHome Industry Census TecHome Builder has now...

2020 Re-Vision Survey Report

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving dramatic changes in go-to-market strategies among tech and housing industry players and in the demand for specific installed tech applications. This survey of vendors, integrators/subcontractors seeks to map some of the most significant changes.

Product Pulse Survey Report

This survey report looks at the broad home tech product taxonomy, focusing on present and future inclusion rates, with separate breakdowns of the response data for high volume and luxury/custom builders.

Building Tech Solutions Taxonomy

From marketing and sales to design, production and prefab solutions – 75 solutions categories organized into major categories to help you see the full scope of solutions and understand which you want to leverage in your organization.

Home Tech Taxonomy

Organization of 50+ home tech product categories into seven master categories. Designed to help you see the broad scope of tech and understand which categories you want to incorporate into your tech merchandise assortments.

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Market Pulse

Market Pulse

Tech interest levels and take rates by homebuyer market segments defined by type of home bought (starter, move-up, dream home, vacation home, etc.), type of household, age of homebuyer, net worth of homebuyer, etc.

Builder Solutions Map

Builder Solutions Map

A tool for builders and technology suppliers to get on the same page regarding process areas addressed by solutions.

Step by Step to Solution Implementation

Step by Step to Solution Implementation

It’s not rocket science, there are good common-sense approaches to defining the scope of the solution, analyzing potential ROI, implementing effectively and refining.


Tech is an unfamiliar and unwieldy challenge for many builders. That’s why TecHome Builder Research & Guides seek to help builders define the challenges and opportunities of tech and put processes in place that will improve their chances of sustained success with tech.

Our experience with tech, the business of homebuilding and the collaborative roles of trade partners make for information and advisory products that make a practical, positive difference for builders.

The Team Behind these Resources

Our team has been watching the evolution of home and building technology for decades—researching offers and take rates, adoption curves, changes in builder strategy, implementation struggles and more.

Feedback & Reviews

“I’ve been studying the TecHome Builder Product Pulse surveys for years to track trends on the tech builders are incorporating into their homes, understand how standard offers are evolving and check in on trade partner performance. Practical data point I can’t find anywhere else!”

— Regional Builder CEO

“The Housing Stat Pack isn’t exactly original, empirical research, but it is one of most convenient compendiums of housing data points around. I love the focus on permitted value in specific geographies. Helps us find and address the hot spots and retreat from markets that are sagging.”

— VP Marketing

“I like the way TecHome Builder addresses process issues with its guides. It gives useful insight to what our strategies should encompass, how to develop them and who to involve. We also get good advice on collaboration with our trade partners on tech.”

— National Builder, Tech Team Head